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Links to pictures of me and my life:


Larell gets commissioned!

Larell and I graduate college!!

Larell gets a brand new G-ride, I get to be married to him.

Never Again Volunteer Yourself?  I guess I didn't get the memo.....

231st Navy/Marine Corps Birthday Ball 2006

Larell runs the Jacksonville Marine Corps 1/2 Marathon 3 years in a row.

Vegas, Baby!!

Fun is had by all at Universal Studios!

Doggie Christmas pics, Thanksgiving and April and my birthday.

Halloween at Mom's and Ennis gets let out of his cage for a night.

Daddy goes to the BVI.

Mustaches and Golf.

Pictures of Larell and I at the 230th Marine Corps/Navy Birthday Ball!

We run the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation 5K Race for the Cure.

Tanning goes wrong.

Lion-o goes on his first vacation and decides to get a hotel right next to the projects.

Grits and grits and grits, my shoe shrine and the world's best pumpkin pie.

101 random pictures of the Sacred Heart Cultural Center, the location for Levi's wedding.

Feel my pain - Orlando from The Scanning Company's point of view.

Welcome to the newest member of the family - Lion-o.

Check out Suzie - my best friend!

Scooby-doo, the greatest linen closet in the world, and Travel-bo and Bubb's first trip together!

Blubb and Bubb.

Travel-bo gets mauled by a dog.

The Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Day.

Sick Bear, Sick Bear and the Dishonest Ebayer.

Travel-bo gets cultured at the Cummer Gardens.

And the Lord said, "Let there be light!"

Travel-bo goes on vacaciones!!!

April's Wedding site.

Wow. I am so great.  Here's more pictures of me, being great.

Going out into public with me is embarrassing.

Only the best for family.

Congratulations to April - her excuse to get more gifts.

Blindness.... not like I thought it would be.

And Travel-Bo-laya is born.

BBQ a Go-Go

But I'm le tired....

Cake?  Yum!

Nascar is my life.

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Volume 3

Volume 2

Volume 1