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Larell and Casey fight it out.

Larell and I in costume - nice wig!

April, Casey and Kirsey in their outfits!

Dad, Mom, Jack, Helen, Me, Kirsey, Larell, April and Casey on Halloween.  Mom personally sewed every single outfit in this picture.

Mom and Dad.

Dad and Larell gang up on that huge spider

This is Ennis when he worked Halloween Horror nights at Universal.  I recognized him right away, of course.

I thought he should have dressed up for the part, but he decided that his natural monster look was good enough.

The pictures don't do him justice - he is really much scarier in person.  And stinkier too.

Halloween is the only time of year that Ennis can go out in public without that pesky paper bag on his head.  Good for you, Ennis!

Ok, shows over!  Back in the cage, beast.

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