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I turned my back and they spawned.

Hey there hot stuff!

Yes, behold.  The new Xbox 360.  Larell didn't wait in any lines to get this, he waked into B.J.'s wholesale club at about 9:15 in the morning and strong-armed the lady into giving him one.  The word "No" isn't in his vocabulary.

Aunt Eulala came to visit a couple of months back.  We played blackjack.

This years doggie Christmas picture with all five wieners.

Thanksgiving dinner at April's house.

The doggies get new houses!

Daddy helps Mom prepare for an upcoming hurricane.  Don't work to hard Daddy, we wouldn't want you to be too worn out to play Xbox later.

Larell learns how to blow up balloons after some instructions from Kirsey.  Good job Larell, you get an "A".

April turns 26!  Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to ME!!!! Yay!!!

Larell and I practice making faces while everyone else acts normal.

Mom made me this spooky money spider for my birthday.

Here is some random people hanging out.

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