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How did I get to Vegas? It went a little something like this:

(Sunday night) Ring Ring!

Me:  Hello?

Suzie:  Helena!  I'm so bored!!

Me:  Why?

Suzie:  I'm in Vegas and I don't have anyone to hang out with!

Me:  What are you doing in Vegas??

Suzie:  My job sent me out here.  They gave me a 2 bedroom suite and a car.  Come visit!!

Me:  Of course. How can I resist?  See you on Friday.

Suzie:  Yay!


Me and Suzie in the car.

First stop of the day - New York, New York to ride the rooftop roller coaster.

A little gambling....

Me and Suzie went to the spa for the day on Saturday.

Then we went to some bar so we could eat chicken finger tacos.


Suzie made me wear black pants even though jeans are more my speed.

Suzie - nice boobs.  We'll see more of those as the night progresses....

And there they are!

This is Suz and I at Ghostbar on top of the Palms.

You can see the whole strip from here.

This is Antonio, I met him though Suzie. He works at the Palms and as a result, we got VIP treatment all night!

Suzie begins to enjoy the free drinks!

The wind was pretty strong up here.

Antonio gets punished.

Suzie feels me up.  Nothing new here!

Suzie and Antonio pose for a pic - and Suzie's boobs pose too.


Me and Suz again.

Here we are on the VIP level of Rain.  More free drinks, no cover or waiting in line?  Yes, please!  Thanks Antonio!

Me and Suz in front of the Sky Boxes, still in Rain.

Antonio and Suz.

Suz gets down!

Every hour or so at Rain they lower this thing over the dance floor that shoots out fire.

Even on the VIP level you could feel the heat from the flames.

Suz and Antonio.

More fire.

And even more fire.

Me and Suz.

We pose for a pic with one of the security guards and Suzie takes this chance to feel me up again...

Some random dude that thought Suzie was hot so he  invited us into his Sky Box.  He went home alone! Ha!

The next morning I am up and ready to go to the airport! Bye bye Vegas!

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